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    Smart voice SoC


    The Smart voice SoC is a new generation of far field smart voice processor SoC. This chip is a high performance, low power voice processor for Smart AI-voice application.



    ● Robot, Smart voice toys, Intelligent voice early education machine
    ● Car voice control, Smart electric appliance, Smart speaker, Smart security equipment
    ● Bluetooth noise reduction headset/earphone, Smart Bluetooth device, Voice interaction System for IoT



    ● Embedded dual core DSP voice processing system
    ● Low power and high performance 32-bit MCU
    ● 2MB Data/Program SRAM
    ● 128KB System SRAM for MCU
    ● 8KB Boot ROM for MCU
    ● All memories can be accessed by MCU/DSP
    ● 6-channel analog / digital MIC input
    ● 24 bit 6-channel audio ADC input and high quality Stereo DAC output
    ● S / PDIF digital input interface
    ● SPI flash controller, supports large capacity program space expansion outside of chip



    ● Implement complex voice signal enhancement preprocessing with single chip
    ● Support remote pickup, noise suppression, echo cancellation, sound source location

    ● support voice trigger voice wake-up function

    ● Ultralow power consumption